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Love arises spontaneously. This feeling is hardly predictable. But in order to preserve it for many years, you will have to make serious efforts. Jealousy is clearly not a helper here, but an enemy.

At the same time, it is impossible to know for sure whether the relationship will be accompanied by scandals amid jealousy.

There are a number of signs that will accurately help determine the pathological owner.

“Detective Agency”. Possession is the opposite of love. But a jealous person always seeks to take all the movements and communication of a partner under his own control. This can be expressed in different ways, not always explicitly. A woman can both ask questions of interest to her forehead, and peep into a man’s phone unnoticed.

“Developed Fantasy”. Loved one late at work or at a bar with friends? Well, who works 12 hours a day? And in the bar, well, a luxurious curvy brunette, who really wants to spin an affair with a stranger, is sure to spend the evening.

The betrothed did not do anything obviously reprehensible, but, returning to a cozy nest, he stumbles upon a disheveled and furious woman there. She just spent her free time very useful. To the detriment of herself, she did not watch her favorite movie and did a manicure, but invented by the power of her own imagination such terrible pictures of infidelity that even Othello did not dream of.

“Investigator”. In addition to detective activity, female jealousy manifests itself in the presentation of non-existent accusations, to which a man must constantly bring refuting arguments and provide unshakable evidence of his innocence.

“Furious Fury”. Women are able to arrange passionate performances and roll up large-scale scenes of jealousy, even from scratch. This causes great damage to the mutual respect of partners, since in a fit, a lot of dirt is often said to each other.